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You create a promotional video about our app and all the features:

3 levels of rewards for inviting others to join your team. Meaning you do a promotional video and say 100 people install and register our app and they invite 10 friends and those friends invite 10 friends then you have 1,000 on your 2nd level and 10,000 on your 3rd level...At $0.50 per user on level 3 who earns just $1.00 in tasks you generate $5,000.00 in JunoCredits in real time...No waiting instantly...



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    Daily Team Bonus Rewards on all the tasks completed by everyone on your team from all 3 levels.

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    We promote you on our Facebook page and all social channels that reach hundreds of thousands of fans.

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    You are rewarded instantly and can use your JunoCredits to buy whatever gift cards you want. We have the largest digital gift cards app in the world.

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    We are the leader in the mobile rewards app space and you will align yourself with the best of the best of the best...

Promote Yourself

Get More Subscribers!

Instant Reward Codes you can give away to your viewers that are like gold. Free song downloads, instant entry into all current LIVE raffles, free gift codes to Best Buy, Starbucks, Amazon, and many other brands, and many more instant rewards for each Instant Reward Code. You can use these to reward subscribers to your channel and generate more new subscribers.


A rewards program for your users

Reward your users when they invite their friends to your app. Instantly create a viral growth mechanism that all your users can participate with and promote your app.


Fraud Free Guaranteed

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    Get deeper user engagement in your app

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    We provide valuable insight into your campaigns

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    We handle all the invite tracking.

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    Provide analytics for user invite activities.

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    Your users earn credits good towards top branded gift cards.


Acquire engaged users

Launch your app campaign inside the JunoWallet app. Reward users for completing a mission inside your app. You create a mission / a threshold / pinch point / milestone that meets your criteria for engagement.


JunoWallet Partners

We have great relationships with some of the largest ad networks in the mobile space. As a premium mobile ad publisher with a growing, active user base, we continue to seek partnership opportunities with ad networks.



JunoWallet works exclusively with CPA (Cost-Per-Action) ad campaigns. With highly engaged users spread all over the globe, we fill campaigns quickly and are always looking for great partners with diverse campaigns from all over the world.